Bank fees and bank fee monitoring have been a significant pain point for corporate treasury for decades. There have been many solutions offered over the years that have provided a level of visibility into bank fees. As treasury has become more global, the complexity of bank fee statements has grown exponentially.


A new solution is required for new challenges.

Redbridge has been in the business of helping corporate treasuries manage their operations since 1999. In that time, Redbridge Debt & Treasury Advisory has become the industry expert in analyzing bank relationships and bank fees. We have used this expertise to create the next generation of bank fee monitoring software, HawkeyeBSB.

Treasury departments deserve access to clear and transparent information on the cost of their cash management services. And, they need intuitive, easy to use software to get it.

HawkeyeBSB is an innovative solution that will scrutinize every line item on your bank account analysis statements each month, domestically and globally. It will ensure that cash management service providers are complying with contracted service terms.

Monitoring your banks has never been so easy!

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